Motor inhibition prevents execution during imagined typing: Evidence from an action‐mode switching paradigm

Motor imagery is accompanied by a subjective multisensory experience. This sensory experience is thought to result from internal models that control the execution of overt actions. If so, how is it that motor imagery does not to lead to overt execution?

Moving to a World beyond p < .05

With the aim of moving beyond mindless statistics, Wasserstein, Schirm, & Lazar (2019) formulated the ATOM guidelines: 'Accept uncertainty. Be thoughtful, open, and modest.' In this talk, I explore some consequences of these guidelines when applied to the analysis of empirical data, in the light of core concepts from the philosophy of statistics.

An introduction to Bayesian multilevel models using R, brms, and Stan

A gentle conceptual and practical primer to Bayesian multilevel models using R, brms, and Stan.